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Wichita Report App

Wichita Report app is a great tool for enabling the residents of Wichita to improve their neighborhood by reporting issues such as potholes, broken street lights, damaged signs, and illegal dumping.

The reports are automatically fed into the City's work order system so that they can be tracked and assigned to service teams. Users can follow the status of their requests from their device.

Please install the app and help us make Wichita a better place to live! Available on both iTunes and Google Play.

DISCLAIMER: Do not use the "Wichita Report" application to report emergencies. If a report concerns public safety, call 911 immediately to ensure quick response to serious issues. Reporting via the "Wichita Report" application is evaluated by city staff only during regular business hours. The City of Wichita makes no guarantee in resolving all issues reported by the application. © Copyright City of Wichita