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A Title that Stands for Excellence

If you hold a real estate salesperson or broker license, you’re just one step away from receiving the highest seal of excellence you can hold in your profession - the title of REALTOR®.

To receive this title, you must become a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. Your membership entitles you to use the term “REALTOR®” on your business cards and in your marketing materials—a sign to potential clients that you have pledged to uphold the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. It’s the best way to communicate to your clients that their interests are always protected and that your first obligation is their needs.

In order to meet their obligations to clients, customers, the public, and each other, REALTORS® pledge to:

  • Protect the individual right to real estate ownership and widen the opportunity to enjoy it.
  • Be honorable and honest in all dealings.
  • Provide an abundant representation of clients through increased education.
  • Act fairly towards all, in the spirit of the Golden Rule.
  • Serve well the community and country.
  • Observe the REALTORS® Code of Ethics and conform conduct to its lofty ideals.

Members of the Association enjoy a variety of useful benefits at the local, state, and national levels, including discounts on products and services, participation in multiple listing services, continuing education, and networking opportunities.