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Required Ethics Training

DEADLINE for compliance of the CURRENT cycle: DECEMBER 31, 2021


Primary local members in compliance as of 9:00 am daily (Monday through Friday).



The National Association of REALTORS® requires all existing members (except our REALTOR® Emeritus members) to complete 2.5 hours of ethics training every three years. All REALTORS® regardless of area of specialty (appraisal, commercial, land, property management, residential, etc.) must satisfy this NAR membership requirement.

Upon joining, all new members are required to complete the free online New Member Code of Ethics course from the National Association of REALTOR® within sixty (60) days. Even if the event, sixty (60) days fall into the next cycle it does not exempt them from the existing member requirement and they will be completing two ethics courses in one cycle.

The goal of the training requirement is:

  • to heighten member awareness of the key tenets of the Code of Ethics,
  • to create an awareness of and appreciation for the role the Code can and should play in their professional lives;
  • to enhance professionalism and competency; and
  • to encourage REALTORS® to view their Code of Ethics as a living, viable guide in their daily dealings with clients, customers, and the public.


Between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021, every active NAR REALTOR® member is required to complete 2 1/2 hours of Code of Ethics training.  REALTORS® who have completed this training as a requirement of membership in another association are not required to complete additional ethics training until the next ethics cycle.

Compliance Tracking: REALTORS® of South Central Kansas tracks the compliance of our primary members and frequently pushes that data to each member's NRDS record.

Please note: If you took Ethics training at another school or Association it is your responsibility, as a REALTOR, to provide proof of completion to your primary Association prior to December 31, 2021. 

M:  RSCK - 170 W. Dewey - Wichita, KS 67202     E:    F:  316-263-2832


  • Attend an approved ethics course in a classroom setting with RSCK.  The fee for RSCK members / non-members is $29.00 or E-Card / $49.00 respectively and you will earn 3 CE credits that can be used for your real estate license renewal as a side benefit of attending.

Click here to see our upcoming classes

  • NAR offers free online courses for NAR members.  This course has specialized content for residential, commercial, and appraiser practitioners.
  • NAR also offers an online Continuing Education (CE) option whereby you can pay for the course and earn 3 CE credits that can be used for your real estate license renewal as a side benefit of your taking the course.

Click here for NAR’s website for more information and take either of their courses.

  • The CE Shop offers online education with Continuing Education credit as well. Watch the site for discount codes to apply at checkout: Click here to get started with one of the two ethics course options offered.
  • Complete the Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) Program: This innovative engagement tool encourages participation at all levels of the REALTOR® organization. It is not a designation or a course. It is not a requirement, but a benefit available to all NAR members at no additional cost and counts for your ethics requirement.

To get started, log in to C2EX and take the self-assessment that measures your proficiency in each of the elements of professionalism, known as the C2EX Competencies. Based on your results, the platform will generate customized learning paths, recommend experiences, and provide tools and resources to increase your knowledge and enhance your skillsets.

  • SIOR’s ethics and professional standards course. If you have taken this course, please send your certificate of course completion via email to or via fax to (316) 263-2832.
  • CCIM's online ethics course. If you have taken this course, please send your certificate of course completion via email to or via fax to (316) 263-2832.
  • Other associations or real estate schools may offer classes that meet NAR’s standard for the Triennial Ethics Requirement. If you have completed a course or are thinking of taking a course that says it “Meets NAR Requirement for Triennial Code of Ethics”, please call RSCK at 316-263-3167 or email to verify the class qualifies and so we can update our records. You must send RSCK your Certificate of Completion.


On January 1, 2022, any REALTOR® who has not satisfied the requirement will be suspended from membership for two months or until they satisfy the requirement, whichever is sooner.  This applies not only to the local association but also the state and National Association of REALTORS®.

* A REALTOR® who is suspended shall lose all the rights, privileges, and services she is entitled to receive. As a suspended member, they lose their rights to all membership benefits.  This includes, but is not limited to member-only discounts or access to services such as forms and contracts, discounted CE classes, free professional development opportunities, networking events, RPR, and HouseLogic access and must discontinue the use of the REALTOR® trademark and any designation/certifications they hold.

Once the requirement is met their rights, privileges, and services are restored the next day. While suspended, though, their obligation to abide by the Code of Ethics continues, as does the obligation to pay dues.

On March 1, 2022, if they still are not in compliance, then they will be terminated* from membership.

* Any suspended or terminated member will be required to pay a reinstate fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a KREC real estate license requirement? No. This requirement does not affect your real estate license. This is a NAR requirement and only affects your REALTOR® membership, including rights and privileges for agents. For Managing Brokers, it also affects the MLS rights and privileges for themselves and the agents in their firm.

While some ethics courses do have CE credit that can be used for your license renewal, this is NOT A LICENSE RENEWAL REQUIREMENT. It is strictly a requirement of your being a REALTOR® and not all real estate agents are REALTORS®. 

I took NAR’s free online ethics course. Why is this course not listed on KREC’s website with my other CE credits?  You may take NAR’s online course to satisfy this membership requirement, but that course does not offer CE credit. Thus, it will not show up as CE hours on KREC’s website.

Who must satisfy this requirement? With the exception of REALTOR® Emeriti, all REALTORS® regardless of area of specialty (appraisal, commercial, land, residential, etc.) must satisfy this NAR membership requirement.

What is the deadline for completing the requirement? The current cycle runs January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021.

I took an ethics course, isn’t it good for three years?  The requirement has a set 3 year – calendar year – cycle for completing the required ethics training.  So, your deadline to complete subsequent ethics courses is not three years from when you last took a course.  The deadline will always be December 31st of every third year – 2021 | 2024 | 2027 | etc.