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The single, most outstanding characteristic that sets REALTORS® apart from other real estate practitioners is the Code of Ethics they agree to abide by. The Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS® was first adopted in 1913 and is a living, breathing document which is responsive in its content to changes with laws and the industry. Each REALTORS® needs to review the Code when these changes occur. It ensures fellow practitioners and the public of a commitment to business integrity and high standard of business conduct. By becoming a member of the Realtors of South Central Kansas, a real estate agent has made the decision to take an extra professional step.

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Pathways to Professionalism

While the Code of Ethics establishes objective, enforceable ethical standards governing the professional conduct of REALTORS®, it does not address issues of courtesy or etiquette. Based on input from many sources, a list of professional courtesies for use by REALTORS® on a voluntary basis. This list is not all-inclusive, and may be supplemented by local custom and practice.

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