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2020 Production Award Recipients

Monday, March 1 2021 1:00 PM

Stefanie Roth Keller Williams Hometown Partners

Lisa Andrews Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Bobby Armstrong New Door Real Estate
Carrie Catlin At Home Wichita Real Estate
Aja Drake Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Aubrey Gallagher Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Marcelle Hamel Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Stefanie Roth Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Anabella Ruiz Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Jarrod West J.P. Weigand & Sons

Faith Ablah Faith Ablah Real Estate
Omar Abushikha Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Lisa Andrews Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Dustin Angell Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Bobby Armstrong New Door Real Estate
Hallie Armstrong Keller Williams Signature Partners
Janet Ast Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Tricia Avila ERA Great American Realty
Taffy Axline J.P. Weigand & Sons
Lori Bair Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Martha Baker Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Rick Baker Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Jamie Baker-Ibarra Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Skylar Bales Nikkel And Associates
Dixie Ball Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Pam Ball Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Cameron Barger Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Elizabeth Barker Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Hannah Barker EXP Realty, LLC
Isaac Barker Keller Williams Signature Partners
Rod Barr Keller Williams Signature Partners
Sylvia Bartel J. P. Weigand & Sons
Tom Bartel Top Dog Realty
Emily Base Keller Williams Signature Partners
Marcus Baysinger At Home Wichita Real Estate
Robert Beard Keller Williams Signature Partners
LeAnna Beat Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Ray Beehler Golden Inc., REALTORS
Dalton Belcher Keller Williams Signature Partners
Stephen Bell Keller Williams Signature Partners
Walter Benavides Prestige Realty
Mark Benefiel EXP Realty, LLC
Anthony Benegas Keller Williams Signature Partners
Debbie Bequette-Robins Select Homes
Bobbi Best Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Sherrie Bieberle J.P. Weigand & Sons
Carla Bingenheimer Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Matt Birch Collins & Associates
Traci Bodley Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Ipek Born Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Jane Bowman Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Sharla Boyd Century 21 Grigsby Realty
Ryan Brennan Keller Williams Signature Partners
Michele Bruch-Miller Keller Williams Signature Partners
Phil Brumbaugh J.P. Weigand & Sons
Brian Brundage EXP Realty, LLC
Diane Buche ERA Great American Realty
Rachel Burge KSI Realty & Insurance
Seth Burkhardt Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Laura Buterbaugh Buterbaugh & Handlin
Jason Cain Platinum Realty LLC
Colt Callison Keller Williams Signature Partners
Darcie Campbell Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Wendy Carter J.P. Weigand & Sons
Carrie Catlin At Home Wichita Real Estate
Krista Chandler Keller Williams Signature Partners
Lynette Chapman Lynette Chapman Real Estate
Cindy Clyne Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Anita Cochran Anita Cochran Realty
Ashley Collins J. Cox Realty Group LLC
Steve Conway J.P. Weigand & Sons
Jennifer Cook EXP Realty, LLC
Tamara Cook Keller Williams Signature Partners
Darren Copp Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Sara Cortner Keller Williams Signature Partners
Aimee Counce Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Cindy Curfman Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Joseph Danler Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
James Davis Keller Williams Signature Partners
Robbin Deel RE/MAX Premier
Kendra Deluna ERA Great American Realty
Paul Donham J.P. Weigand & Sons
Jon Downing Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Aja Drake Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Bill Eberhardt United Country National Realty & Auction
Dal Eck Matt Eck Real Estate, Inc
Stephanie Eck Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Julie Eddy RE/MAX Premier
Don Edwards Compass Point, LLC
Bradley Elliott Realty Connections
Larissa Elliott Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Cathy Erickson Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Jose Esparza-Moreno Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Haley Fahnestock J.P. Weigand & Sons
AF Farha Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Lee Farley At Home Wichita Real Estate
Michelle Farley ERA Great American Realty
Ria Farmer Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Kathy Felter Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Lance Ferguson Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Glenda Flores Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Stephanie Fondren Nikkel And Associates
Su Fox Fox Realty, Inc.
Laura Gaddy Keller Williams Signature Partners
Aubrey Gallagher Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Jason Garraway RE/MAX Realty Centre
Pat Garrison Garrison Real Estate
Jill Geren Keller Williams Signature Partners
Jodi Gerken Keller Williams Signature Partners
Beverly Giles RE/MAX Premier
Jason Gilstrap Prestige Realty
Carolyn Goree Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Austin Graves Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Phillip Graves Keller Williams Signature Partners
Denise Gray Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
John Greenstreet Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Michelle Habluetzel Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Kerri Hageman Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Janis Hansen Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Kellye Harp J.P. Weigand & Sons
Kelly Hartshorn Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Rebecca Hatch Keller Williams Signature Partners
Jacob Henderson At Home Wichita Real Estate
Candace Hendricks United Agency, Inc.
Amber Hendrix Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Katerina Hill Keller Williams Hometown Partners
John Hillman Farm & Home Realty, LLC
Jennifer Hinz Banister Real Estate LLC
Andrea Holcomb EXP Realty, LLC
Debra Holmes J.P. Weigand & Sons
Heather Holmes Sudduth Realty
Tim Holt Golden Inc., REALTORS
Shasta Horn Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Christina Houston Golden Inc., REALTORS
Cristi Howell J.P. Weigand & Sons
Kevin Howell J.P. Weigand & Sons
Cheryl Huebert Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Lynda Priest Huelsman Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Megan Inslee Century 21 Grigsby Realty
Ron Jackson Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Lindsey Jarvis Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Brodrick Jayroe ERA Great American Realty
Shirley Jester Albright Realty
Angela Johnsen-Barnes Keller Williams Signature Partners
Brian Johnson NextHome Innovators
Christopher Johnson Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Lucas Johnson Keller Williams Signature Partners
Zur Johnson Keller Williams Signature Partners
Janelle Jones Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Tyler Jones Nikkel And Associates
Danielle Keenan Keller Williams Signature Partners
Tammy King NextHome Innovators
Bryan Kiser Flint Hills Realty Co. LLC
Ann Klein J.P. Weigand & Sons
Dee Dee Krehbiel J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.
Tyseer Krichati Superior Realty
Shalyn Kvassay New Door Real Estate
Nichole LaFond Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Elizabeth Lam Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Rachel Lange Lange Real Estate
Gaylin Langhofer Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Jennifer Laudick ERA Great American Realty
Leah Lawrence Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Pam Lehner Results Realty
Wyatt Lehner PB Realty
Deborah LeVieux Keller Williams Signature Partners
Barbara-Lee Lewis Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Denise Lewis Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Michelle Lindgren Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Stephanie Lowry Preferred Properties of KS
Reuben Loyd ERA Great American Realty
Crystie Macormac Platinum Realty LLC
Christi Madden Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Tim Marchand Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Randi Martin Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Fernando Martinez Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
C. Linda Mason Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Elizabeth Massey Keller Williams Signature Partners
Shana Matheny Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Michael Mathews Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Lisa Mayfield Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Aimee McCaffree-Wallace Keller Williams Signature Partners
Max McCann RE/MAX Realty Centre
Cammy McComb Theurer Auction/Realty, LLC
Desiree Mesle Marilyn Harris Real Estate
Margaret Metzger Platinum Realty LLC
Rodney Michael Platinum Realty LLC
Susan Miles RE/MAX Premier
Kate Mix Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Janelle Moore Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Rebecca Moore Golden Inc., REALTORS
Lisa Nagabhushan Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Kelley Naron Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Lisa Nave Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Kellie Nesmith Sun Group
Vu Nguyen Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Bonnie Niles Summit Realty
Robert Niles Summit Realty
Sarah Nold Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Sophia Norlin Keller Williams Signature Partners
Michelle O'Connor Michelle O'Connor Real Estate
Connie Oldfather J.P. Weigand & Sons
Sarah Olson Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Constance Oster Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Jennifer Owen Summit Realty
Tulio Pardo Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance
Diane Paul Realty Executives Suburbia Real Estate
Debra Pearman Faith Realty
Maranda Penner Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Roger Perryn Keller Williams Signature Partners
Pam Peterson Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Ashley Phillips Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Rachel Proctor Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Sheri Dawn Proctor Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance
Debby Purvis Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Rob Ramseyer Ritchie Associates
Laurie Ray Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Steven Reed Golden Inc., REALTORS
Amanda Rempe Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Kim Rhodes J.P. Weigand & Sons
Kameron Rich Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Marlene Richards RE/MAX Associates
Shari Rickard Real Estate Connections, Inc.
Rusty Riggin Riggin and Company
Jocelyn Rodriguez EXP Realty, LLC
Dana Sawicki Keller Williams Signature Partners
Joseph Brian Scapa Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Rebecca Schaffer Becky Schaffer Ins. & Real Estate
Dylan Schellenberg RE/MAX Premier
LewJene Schneider J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc.
Mark Schroeder J.P. Weigand & Sons
Janel Scott Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Dustin Self Self Real Estate Group
Jerry Self Self Real Estate Group
Amanda Serrioz Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Susan Shain Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Beth Sharbutt ERA Great American Realty
Tracy Shearhod ERA Great American Realty
Donna Sherwood Sherwood Realty, Inc.
Juvetta Slane Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Haley Smith Keller Williams Signature Partners
Kim Smith-Martin Kansas Real Estate Professionals
Isaac Sprague At Home Wichita Real Estate
Tonya Stephenson Golden Inc., REALTORS
Tyler Sterrett Keller Williams Signature Partners
Laurie Stock ERA Great American Realty
Nancy Suter Keller Williams Signature Partners
Stephanie Swafford Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Susan Swartzendruber GLC Real Estate Services
Ronda Tackett J.P. Weigand & Sons
Sharon Taylor Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Katie Ternes Gene Francis & Associates
Vickie Theobald Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Glenn Thiessen Fast Realty, Inc.
Joy Thompson Keller Williams Signature Partners
Daniel Touchatt Touche Real Estate Group
Huynhnhu Tran Abode Real Estate
Amanda Treadwell Keller Williams Signature Partners
Becky Turner J.P. Weigand & Sons
Jacob Unkel Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Jerry Vadnais J.P. Weigand & Sons
Ian Van der Weg Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
David Van Dyke Keller Williams Signature Partners
Vickie Vargas-Jacobs Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Lori Vierthaler Wichita Homes Real Estate, LLC
Derek Waite Keller Williams Signature Partners
Vanessa Washburn Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Sherry Wayman Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Mark Wedman Keller Williams Signature Partners
Wendy Weihe Platinum Realty LLC
Amanda Wells Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Kathryn Wenninger Keller Williams Signature Partners
Jarrod West J.P. Weigand & Sons
Rachel Westmoreland J.P. Weigand & Sons
Shandon Weston The Property Shop
Tera White Keller Williams Signature Partners
Margie L Wiens RE/MAX Associates
Karianne Williams Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Kara Winter Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Carrie Wolke Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Nikki Womack Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Thomas Woods Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Jordan Wuest JPAR-Leading Edge
Krystal Wyrick EXP Realty, LLC
Paula Yaussi Keller Williams Signature Partners
Greg Yocom EXP Realty, LLC
Tina Young Keller Williams Signature Partners
Anthony Youngers Farm & Home Realty, LLC
Terry Ziegler Reece Nichols South Central Kansas

Antoine Agnew Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Marsha Allen RE/MAX Solutions
Terry Alley Sudduth Realty
Terra Alonzi Keller Williams Signature Partners
Joy Amore-Bishop Keller Williams Signature Partners
Dawn Anaya Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Lisa Anderson J.P. Weigand & Sons
Natasha Anderson ERA Great American Realty
Alyson Assaf Park Plaza Realty
Dot Augustin Golden Inc., REALTORS
Linda Baines Sun Group
Jessica Ball Dibble Keller Williams Signature Partners
Kelly Ball Keller Williams Signature Partners
Trent Banister Banister Real Estate LLC
Cathie Barnard Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Leanne Barney Keller Williams Signature Partners
Claudia Barwick J Russell Communities
Janet Bates Platinum Realty LLC
Nela Bayouth Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Luke Beal Beal Real Estate Group
Tyson Bean Pinnacle Realty Group
Kara Beaulieu Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Gary Benjamin Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Judy Bias Keller Williams Signature Partners
Kimberly Bischler Keller Williams Signature Partners
Tammi Blackburn-Hilger PB Realty
Jeff Blubaugh Jeff Blubaugh Real Estate
Mary Boswell Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Michelle Briggs RE/MAX Solutions
Rick Brock McCurdy Auction, LLC
David Brown Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Trent Brown Wichita Homes Real Estate, LLC
Sharon Buck Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Diana Burress B Realty
Art Busch Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Connie Butler Keller Williams Signature Partners
Jarica Caldwell Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Alex Carbajal RE/MAX Associates
Stephanie Carlson J.P. Weigand & Sons
Cynthia Carnahan Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Carol Carpenter J.P. Weigand & Sons
Tobi Castelli Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Jerrome Castillo Titan Realty
Justin Chandler Keller Williams Signature Partners
Nikki Chavez Platinum Realty LLC
Nikki Chippeaux PB Realty
Patricia Cisney EXP Realty, LLC
Paula Clouse J.P. Weigand & Sons
Kit Corby Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Chelsee Cox Wildcat Homes Inc.
Cindy Crain Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Michelle Crouch Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Michael Crow Homes R Us
Adam Crowder Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Melinda Cryer-Peffly Ritchie Associates
Shonda Curtis Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Scott Darrenkamp Jeff Blubaugh Real Estate
Alisha Davis Keller Williams Signature Partners
Todd Davis J Russell Communities
Tricia Davis ERA Great American Realty
Connie Davison Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Stephen Dockers Platinum Realty LLC
Joel Dolloff At Home Wichita Real Estate
Pat Dreiling Dreiling Realty & Auction, LLC
Kerry Dunn NextHome Excel
Kerrie Dupont Select Homes
Samar Edenfield ERA Great American Realty
Janiece Erbert Keller Williams Signature Partners
Tom Fagan Realty Executives Suburbia Real Estate
Pam Flesher J.P. Weigand & Sons
Bernardo Flores Fiesta Real Estate
Janet Foster J.P. Weigand & Sons
Jeremy Fouse Kansas Real Estate Consultants, LLC
Diana Frazier J.P. Weigand & Sons
Christy Friesen RE/MAX Premier
Sandra Fuller Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Benjamin Gartner J.P. Weigand & Sons
Shannon Gaskill Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Jaretta Gilson J.P. Weigand & Sons
Sunni Goentzel J.P. Weigand & Sons
Heather Golden J.P. Weigand & Sons
Julie Gooch J.P. Weigand & Sons
Trenton Gorges Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Kali Graber J. P. Weigand & Sons
Bill Graham Graham, Inc., REALTORS
Chris Greene Keller Williams Signature Partners
Peggy Griffith Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Gary Grigsby Century 21 Grigsby Realty
Daniel Gutierrez Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Larry Hall ERA Great American Realty
Don Hamm Wheat State Realty, LLC
Karen Hampton RE/MAX Premier
Jamie Hanson Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Ron Harder RE/MAX Associates
Sandra Haugen PB Realty
Debbie Haukap Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Holly Haws Keller Williams Signature Partners
Bailey Hayden Keller Williams Signature Partners
Bryan Hazen Realty4Less
Pam Hesse J.P. Weigand & Sons
Kari Higgins J.P. Weigand & Sons
Keely Hillard Keller Williams Signature Partners
Pamela Hinman J.P. Weigand & Sons
Lesley Hodge EXP Realty, LLC
Jessica Holle Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Scott Hollinger RE/MAX Premier
Rick Hopper J.P. Weigand & Sons
Rebecca Hoskins ERA Great American Realty
Breanna Hottovy Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Marsha Huebert Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Ginette Huelsman J.P. Weigand & Sons
Stephanie Jakub J.P. Weigand & Sons
Lacy Jobe J.P. Weigand & Sons
Randal Johnston J.P. Weigand & Sons
Bryce Jones Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Sherry Jones Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Kelly Kemnitz Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Nicole Kennedy Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Diane Kent RE/MAX Premier
Christine Ketzner New Door Real Estate
Sarah King J Russell Communities
Elizabeth Kingsley The Real Estate Company
Nathan Kirk At Home Wichita Real Estate
Myron Klaassen Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Tessa Konen Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Sissy Koury Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Kim Kretchmar Platinum Realty LLC
Basem Krichati Superior Realty
Candace Kunkel On The Move, Inc.
David Lake Preferred Properties of KS
Ricky Lamb Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Lyn Landrian Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance
Bobbie Lane Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Jeff Lange Lange Real Estate
Lindi Lanie Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Rhonda Lanier Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Chris Lary-Cowel RE/MAX Premier
Stacy Latimer RE/MAX Premier
Joey Laurie Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Michelle Leeper J.P. Weigand & Sons
Larry Levich Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Amanda Levin Keller Williams Signature Partners
Sara Linnebur J.P. Weigand & Sons
Eric Locke ERA Great American Realty
Michael Loveland J.P. Weigand & Sons
Krista Lowry J.P. Weigand & Sons
Dustin Lynam Keller Williams Signature Partners
Dan Madrigal Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Barbara Maley Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Tara Maxwell Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Justin Mayer Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Dee McCallum J.P. Weigand & Sons
Sharon McCoy Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance
Braden McCurdy McCurdy Auction, LLC
Lonny McCurdy McCurdy Auction, LLC
Stephanie McCurdy Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Chi M McKanlam Keller Williams Signature Partners
Sandy McRae Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Breanne Messman Keller Williams Signature Partners
Robin Metzler Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Benard Meyer EXP Realty, LLC
Monica Miller Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Brad Minear Flint Hills Realty Co. LLC
Aimee Monares RE/MAX Associates
Laura Mormando Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Carole Morriss Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Natalie Moyer Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Joseph Myers J.P. Weigand & Sons
Steven Myers EXP Realty, LLC
Christy Needles Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Arlan Newell J. P. Weigand & Sons
Lori Newfer J.P. Weigand & Sons
Andy Nguyen RE/MAX Realty Centre
Megan Niedens McCurdy Auction, LLC
Brenda Noffert Better Homes and Gardens Alliance
Jordan Noone Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Linda Nugent Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Jessica Oller Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Shirley Palmer-Witt Elite Real Estate LLC
Diane Park Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Ty Patton McCurdy Auction, LLC
Valory Peare Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Jennifer Pennock Keller Williams Signature Partners
Rob Pestinger Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Kevin Pham Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Shane Phillips Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Carol Phipps J Russell Communities
Lacey Pool Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Amy Preister Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Frank Priest III Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Laurie Priest Slawson Real Estate Co.
Marcy Prilliman Golden Inc., REALTORS
Andrew Reese Banister Real Estate LLC
Mikaela Rehmert-Fira Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Tony Resnik EXP Realty, LLC
Shay Rhodes Keller Williams Signature Partners
Debbie Rich Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Jeffrey Richardson Crown III Realty LLC
Sam Ritchie Ritchie Associates
Linda Robbins J Russell Communities
Greg Robson RE/MAX Premier
Stefanie Roth Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Josh Roy Keller Williams Signature Partners
Christi Royse J.P. Weigand & Sons
John Rupp Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Terry Rupp Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Bree Russell J.P. Weigand & Sons
Ryan Rust Nikkel And Associates
Kooper Sanders Nikkel And Associates
Tammy Sanders Nikkel And Associates
Corey Sandy COSH Real Estate Services
Jessica Schmidt Reign Real Estate
Tammy Schmidt Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Jeffrey Schnell Keller Williams Signature Partners
Robin Schraml-Wiggans Keller Williams Signature Partners
Kris Schumacher EXP Realty, LLC
Marie Segura Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance
Sonja Seidl Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Linda Seiwert Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Alena Sellers J.P. Weigand & Sons
Julia Shetlar Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Nancy Shih RE/MAX Realty Centre
Kirk Short Keller Williams Signature Partners
Ashley Simmons J Russell Communities
Phillip Solorio Sundgren Realty, Inc.
Tiffani Sorrells Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Desiraye Speer Platinum Realty LLC
Nancy Jo Statton Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Carolyn Stephenson Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Jake Steven Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Heather Stewart Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
James Stockton Ritchie Associates
Debi Strange Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Julie Stremel J.P. Weigand & Sons
Scott Stremel J.P. Weigand & Sons
Kathleen Stucky J. P. Weigand & Sons
Caitlin Sudduth Sudduth Realty
Mark Sudduth Sudduth Realty
Amelia Sumerell Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
David Sundgren Sun Group
Jeremy Sundgren Sundgren Realty, Inc.
Kelsey Sundgren Sundgren Realty, Inc.
Zac Sundgren Sun Group
Austin Swisher J.P. Weigand & Sons
Traci Terrill Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Roberta Thomas J Russell Communities
Bradley Tidemann J.P. Weigand & Sons
Brandon Tidemann J.P. Weigand & Sons
Grant Tidemann J.P. Weigand & Sons
Janice Trammell Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Laurie Ungles Keller Williams Hometown Partners
Alissa Unruh J.P. Weigand & Sons
Dee Utz Platinum Realty LLC
Jacquiline Valentino Midpoint Realty Group, LLC
Marti Vo Nikkel And Associates
Shelly Voss Preferred Properties of KS
Dawn Wade RE/MAX Premier
Mindy Wagner Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Tricia Waite Nikkel And Associates
Derek Walden At Home Wichita Real Estate
Katie Walton Keller Williams Signature Partners
Whitney Ward J.P. Weigand & Sons
Kelly Watkins J.P. Weigand & Sons
Lisa Waupsh Towle Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Nicholas Weathers Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Tiffany Webb Berkshire Hathaway PenFed
Johnathan Weigand J.P. Weigand & Sons
Joel Weihe Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance
Tiffany Wells Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty
Ronda Welsh Keller Williams Signature Partners
Sue Wenger Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Leslie Wessel J.P. Weigand & Sons
Cari Westhoff Cloud 9 Realty Group, LLC
Danielle Wildeman Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Ann Williams Reece Nichols South Central Kansas
Tonya Wituk PB Realty
Deanne Woodard Sundgren Realty, Inc.
Todd Woodburn Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate
Shana Wurth Keller Williams Signature Partners
Phyllis Zimmerman Berkshire Hathaway PenFed

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