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Nestor R. Weigand "Distinguished Service Award"

This award is presented to a REALTOR® who has REALTOR® spirit, shows a history of activity in their local association as well as their community, and have a list of business and personal accomplishments showing their dedication in the following areas:

REALTOR Spirit (Faithfulness to principles of organized real estate, laws and regulations of their Association and the Code of Ethics, time and effort expended in furthering principles of good real estate practice among other real estate brokers, press, and the general public.)

Activity in Local Association (Local Association office and committee work, special assignments, seminar activity and educational work, membership, and offices held in local chapters, institutes, etc.)

Business Accomplishments (Public recognition of business conduct, service to clients, history of past production, and personal initiative, including listing and selling activities.)

Activity in Civic Affairs (Local, state, and national level participation in civic and service clubs, charitable activities, political action or committees, fraternal or religious groups, etc.)

Please Note: that this award is only open to REALTORS® who is not an owner or co-owner of a company.



Kelly Watkins 


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