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We want to help you turn your natural skills into a more polished and professional asset in your real estate business, personal life, community and any organization you decide to be a part of.

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In this program, you will learn more about yourself, your community, the real estate industry and the association.  It isn't just about learning what it takes to be an effective leader or how to run a meeting, but how to enhance and improve your public speaking skills, your personal and professional image, and so more. 

Only 12 candidates are accepted each year for this unique opportunity, so apply now to go through a self-discovery process, which will enable you to become a more positive influence within your own life, community and real estate industry.

January - In the Know: The Program, Yourself & Others!

All too often, our natural talents go untapped. Most of our life, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths.  Let’s uncover your talents that will change the way you look at yourself and see the world around you.  You will learn suggestions for how to maximize your strengths so that you can operate at your full potential and gain suggestions for using your strengths in your life and business.

The afternoon session is all about team building.  It will be based on the principles of problem-based learning. You do not need to prepare anything, but you might find it helpful to have a computer or smart phone with you in case you decide to do some spot research or “phone a friend.” Problem-based learning helps you notice your strengths and vulnerabilities in a team situation and learn from them. You might even learn something about your profession or community along the way.

February - Know the Association: Meet and Greet

You belong to this big, fabulous organization and this day is your opportunity to learn about it.  You will learn about the structure of committees and Board of Directors.  What makes this place tick, who serves in these roles and what do they do to support you in this industry and for homeownership/private property rights?  This will also give you an idea of how other organizations operate.  Where we, or they, need your assistance and how you can fit in at moving an organization forward into the future, serving its members.

Helping you be prepared for those roles, whether at RSCK, or in other organization you wish to be a part of, you will learn about parliamentarian procedures, so you don’t feel lost at your first meeting.

March - What a Capital Idea! 

Who doesn’t love a field trip?  Nothing helps bond a group of people together, more than a road trip to Topeka.  We will rent a van, so you can relax and network with your fellow L.E.A.D. candidates, as we take you for a private meeting with the Executive Director and Deputy Director & Director of Compliance of the Kansas Real Estate Commission.  Get the skinny on not just what they do, but what issues they are seeing with real estate licensees.  No better risk management class than that.

Enjoy a tour of the State Capitol, learning about the history and hear about the legislative process.  Do you understand what a PAC (Political Action Committee) is?  What contributing to it does?  You will as the Governmental Affairs Directors for RSCK and KAR will help you understand where your contribution goes and not only how it protects homeownership, but YOU and how you do business.

April - Community and You: One Can Affect the Other

This isn’t just cool information for you to know, but it is information that helps you with your business, utilizing it for the benefit of your clients and customers. 

Hear about the nationally recognized job the Wichita Police Department does with their Homeless Outreach Program.  Find out what programs are available from the Central Plains Area Agency on Agency, Humankind Ministries and the United Way that will help with those who may be needing help to stay in their current home, endearing someone to you and top of mind when they finally do have to sell their beloved home and move into assisted living or a care home. 

Want to be in the know on the exciting things coming to Wichita and the happenings that would be great to share with clients/customers who are relocating to Wichita?  We have organizations to chat with you about that as well.  Did you know the Wichita Children’s Home has housing and a program to help older teens become self-sufficient, preparing them to be on their own – possibly owning their own home one day?

Be prepared to be amazed at what you will learn and incorporate into your business.

May – In the Eyes of the Public

Who likes to be in front of a camera?  Well, we will be helping you get comfortable with that throughout the program.  Become a hero!  Not only understand social media and get tips for your own, but how to best utilize it in supporting the organizations you belong to and like to support.  Those who support and help others connect with organizations that can help them, a superpower to build rapport and be top of mind with those who may be looking to buy or sell sometime.

Learn how to become a go-to person with local media.  Find out what to wear if you are doing an on camera interview.  Learn the differences on how to handle on camera versus phone versus print media interviews, as there is a difference.  Knowing how you should handle questions you are not a 100% sure of the answer to, is so important.  You always want to be a reliable resource.

June – Leadership: What does it take?

You decided to invest in this program and enhancing your natural leadership qualities or develop ones you feel you do not have, so let’s take it up a notch with a day designed to help you learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills.

July – Disputes: Prevention & Resolution

Conflict, arguments, and change are natural parts of our lives, from your family. to those you work with, to your business.  When a dispute arises, often the best course of action is negotiation to resolve the disagreement.  You will understand how conflict resolution is a way for you to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement whether it be personal, financial, political, or emotional.

August – Moving Towards the Future

Strategic planning plays a critical role in driving action and delivering desired results within an organization, and it is a valuable tool for you too.   You will be developing a working knowledge and the ability to apply a strategic planning process through an exploration of key principles, practical tools, and effective practices. You will leave with the skills to contribute to or lead strategic planning activities that advance the overall mission of your real estate business, your real estate firm, or any organization you chose to be a part of.

Tuition is $299 - That's ONLY 37.38 per day and includes sessions, materials and lunches.

The 2022 class of candidates will be announced at our Awards Luncheon on December 2nd.

Graduation ceremony will be held at RSCK’s Annual Meeting in September 2022.


For questions: Contact Cindi Siggs, Professional Development Director via email or by calling 316.263.3167.