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L.E.A.D. Academy 2021

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RSCK’s Professional Development Committee and Board of Directors recognize emerging leaders of today will guide REALTOR® and community organizations of tomorrow and have established a leadership development program known as the L.E.A.D. Academy.

The purpose of this program is to cultivate visionary leaders for our Association and communities through a powerful series of programs. This intensive and dynamic leadership experience will combine individual study, group sessions and actual project experience to develop leadership skills. Candidates will gain valuable knowledge they can apply in both their business and personal lives.

Sessions include Orientation, Personal Strengths, Team Building, Meeting Management, Legislative, Leadership, Public Relations, Community, Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution, Negotiations, and Visionary Thinking.

Candidates will learn from dynamic people like Parliamentarian, Ann Rempel; Mediator Jeannie Erikson; WSU’s Center for Community Support and Research, Seth Bate; plus many other fantastic instructors and facilitators.


The 2020 program was suspended and will pick back up with the 2021 class of candidates.

2021 Schedule

January 15th – In the Know: The Program, Yourself & Others!

  • Orientation
  • StrengthFinders – discover your strengths & how to utilize them
  • Team Building – customized program from WSU

February 18th – Know the Association: Meet and Greet

  • Robert’s Rules training with KAR Parliamentarian Ann Rempel
  • Tour RSCK office & meet staff – learn what they do
  • Committees – Hear from the Chairperson what each one is all about
  • RSCK Board Meeting 

March 12th - What a Capital Idea! 

  • The legislative process
  • RPAC

April 16th - Community and You: One Can Affect the Other

  • Wichita Police Department, Wichita Fire Department, Chamber, Visit Wichita, Greater Wichita Partnership
  • Central Plains Area Agency on Aging, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Children’s Home, American Red Cross

May 21st – In the Eyes of the Public

  • Video book reports from homework assigned at an earlier date
  • Social Media training
  • Spokesperson/Media training 

June 18th – Leadership: What does it take?

  • Full day of leadership training

July 16th – Disputes: Prevention & Resolution

  • Video reports from civic and charity homework assigned at an earlier date
  • Mediation/Negotiation/Conflict Resolution 

August 20th – Moving Towards the Future

  • Strategic Planning training 
  • Why Use a REALTOR® video work
The cost for RSCK L.E.A.D. Academy is $299 - THAT'S ONLY 37.38 PER DAY.
This includes the eight (8) all day sessions, all related materials, and lunches.  Program held bi-annually.  

Apply for the 2021 Class


For questions: Contact Cindi Ferguson, Professional Development Director via email or by calling 316.263.3167.