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ELITE Certified Agent Session Descriptions

Session 1 - Details Matter: Practical Application of the Laws Impacting Real Estate (6 hours)

Highly interactive ethics and professional conduct program will help new licensees gain competency in handling real estate transactions.  Participants will be actively involved in viable case studies, as well as group discussions regarding ethics issues.

Session 2 - The Changing Real Estate Landscape: Strategies to Address Today’s Realities (3 hours)

The constantly changing environment for real estate sales directly impacts the way Agents set up and manage their business. Often decisions are made spontaneously without consideration for the impact on the consumer and without a clear understanding that these decisions ultimately shape the type of career and operating practices that set a reputation. Risk management must be a priority when considering how to incorporate policies, procedures, technology, and communication practices into daily operations for maximum effectiveness for public interaction. Be prepared to engage and learn!

Session 3 - The Seller Centric Experience: Steps for a Comprehensive Listing Process (3 hours)

Sellers want their real estate Licensee to be professional and trustworthy and to keep the Seller’s interests at the center of any decision-making during the transaction. Learn how to design an effective Seller Listing process that includes focused interviewing, transaction management, property showing that reflects today’s marketplace requirements, and contract interpretation for the benefit of the Sellers. Ultimately it is about engaging in a system you can design that is comprehensive yet customized. You have the chance to exceed expectations today to ensure a highly reputable business and long-term career. Engage in this highly interactive session and design your listing approach with confidence.

Session 4 - The No Drama Transaction: Working with Buyers (3 hours)

Sometimes it seems like an unattainable dream – the path to experiencing a successful, no-drama property closing. Designing and following consistently a systematic process in working with Buyers can make the dream a reality.  It begins with working knowledge of the inventory, mastering the minor details of coordinating and facilitating the transaction from beginning to end, and developing an intensive and thorough interview process that will establish a productive and effective relationship. Investing the time to review the process step by step and establish working processes that are based on communication, trust, and utilizing negotiation techniques will help you achieve seamless closings, time after time.

Session 5 - Let’s Get Real: Risk Reduction by Minimizing Agent Mistakes (3 hours)

Even the most qualified competent of real estate professionals can face the daunting unfamiliar ground when it comes to contract legal terminology. That also includes practical situational analysis of potential conflicts on terms and conditions. Identify the fundamental elements of contracts and common missteps that Agents make during a transaction. Knowledge of what to anticipate will help create legal and efficient closings for both the clients and the brokerage.

Session 6 - Setting the Stage for Success: Business Planning Fundamentals (3 hours)

Rapidly shifting attitudes, loyalties, and expectations need to be met with a solid business plan. In this interactive session, attendees will identify their service delivery issues and opportunities.  Armed with an education from the previous sessions in this series, the Agent can design strategic action steps to take their business to the next level.